INVEST in America Act — Statement from TBC President, Bill Carpenter

On the release of the INVEST in America Act, The Bus Coalition President Bill Carpenter released the following statement:

“On behalf of The Bus Coalition (TBC) and its members, I applaud the historic level of bus transit funding included in Chairman DeFazio’s reauthorization proposal. Buses are the backbone of transit service across America providing more than one-half of all trips on public transportation. Our customers rely on buses daily to access jobs, health care, education, and other critical destinations. The level of investment included in the bill will go a long way toward upgrading and replacing our aging and shrinking bus fleets, boost economic growth and help enhance bus service in all communities across the country.

The Bus Coalition is grateful to the Chairman and his staff for providing us the opportunity to discuss the challenges and priorities our transit agencies have been facing and pleased to see many of our policy and funding recommendations included in the bill. I thank the Chairman for his leadership and support of public transportation, and look forward to working with him, the Committee and our friends in the Senate to see a reauthorization bill enacted into law before the September 30 deadline.” Bill Carpenter, President, The Bus Coalition