We provide…

a collective voice 
making a difference
for local bus transit.

Our leadership, from our board to the Coalition staff, to our growing voice on Capitol Hill, is here to serve the growing and economically critical role of bus transit in your city or community.

Below is information on our current board membership, the staff that represents you daily, and our contacts in the Congressional Congress in the House and Senate.

The Bus Coalition’s Board of Directors

Elected every two years, the Coalition’s Board represents a wide range of system sizes and geographic diversity. The Board serves to guide our work on Capitol Hill, build relationships on Capitol Hill and within the transit community and advocate for membership expansion.  Responsibilities include in-person representation in our bi-annual meetings, participation in monthly conference calls and voting on priority-setting motions raised to the board’s attention.

Those interested in serving in a Coalition leadership capacity should contact Executive Director Ed Redfern at ed@buscoalition.com

Bill Carpenter

President, The Bus Coalition &
CEO RGRTA Rochester, NY

Mark Donaghy

Vice-President, The Bus Coalition &
CEO, Dayton RTA Dayton, OH

Gary Rosenfeld

Treasurer, The Bus Coalition &
CEO Memphis Area Transit Authority Memphis, TN

Elizabeth Presutti

Secretary, The Bus Coalition &
Chief Executive Officer
DART, Des Moines, IA

Jeff Arndt

VIA Metropolitan Transit, San Antonio, TX

Kelli Badesheim

Executive Director, Valley Regional Transit, Boise, ID

Edgar Benning

General Manager MTA Flint, MI

Alex Clifford

CEO Santa Cruz METRO
Santa Cruz, CA

Richard DeRock

General Manager, Link Transit Wenatchee, WA

Shawn Donaghy

CEO C-Tran, Vancouver, WA

Clinton Forbes

Executive Director, Palm Tran
West Palm Beach, FL

Randy Frantz

Asst. Executive Director
TARC, Louisville, KY

Aurora Jackson

General Manager
LTD Transit, Eugene, OR

John Lewis

Chief Executive Officer, Charlotte Area Transit System

Todd Morrow

Executive Director, Island Transit, Coupeville, WA

Jeff Nelson

General Manager MetroLink Moline, IL

Doug Roelfs

General Manager, Greater Peoria Mass Transit District, Peoria, IL

Dorothy Yeager

Executive Director, OATS Transit, Columbia, MO

The Bus Coalition Staff

The Coalition’s staff is here to answer questions, large and small, that make local bus systems work better–in your neighborhoods and in Washington DC. Reach out to us, any time.

Ed Redfern

Executive Director

30 years of Capitol Hill experience and local level relationships in bus systems, large and small, nationwide.


Joel Rubin

Washington Representative

Driving positive change among Members of Congress and Hill staff on behalf of individual systems and bus transit alike.


Jayson White

Deputy Director

 Membership relations and network growth. Policy, innovation, and legislative analysis


Molly Eklund

Membership Director

Managing our membership database, keeping up with leadership changes and all membership and dues processes.


Lance Husak

Research Director

National policy, marketplace research and transit systems analysis. Lance makes sure the buses run on time.