Below you’ll find a full history of The Bus Coalition’s past activity and collective work.

Ensuring Appropriations Follows The FAST Act

Getting a competitive grant funding program back in the Sec. 5339 Bus & Bus Facilities program was step one. Now, we have to ensure the Federal Transportation Administration awards the funds as stated under the new law passed by Congress. Read the latest on our efforts regarding this issue by clicking on the blue link above.

Restoring 5339’s Competitive Grant

MAP-21 was disastrous for many bus systems throughout the United States. In 2012 under MAP-21, US Congress transitioned over half of the available funds bus systems relied on to keep their systems up-to-date, operational, and safe to other transit programs. The Bus Coalition, along with other advocates, worked hard to revert what was done in 2012 and reestablish a competitive grant program within the Bus & Bus Facilities Account 5339. Lean more about our recent actions that helped grow the 5339 account in the new 5-year FAST Act signed into law on December 4th, 2015, by clicking the blue link above.