Randy Frantz of Louisville’s Transit Authority of River City Joins The Bus Coalition Board

The Bus Coalition Board is be happy to welcome the most recent addition to our national coalition’s leadership team: Randy Frantz, Assistant Executive Director to Louisville’s TARC Transit System.

“Louisville’s recent advances in transit innovation and regional and national advocacy make enhancing TARC’s role from Bus Coalition member to joining the leadership team a great move forward for our work on behalf of bus transit systems across the country,” said Bus Coalition President Bill Carpenter.

Louisville’s transit system (@ridetarc) was announced as a recipient of a $17 million federal grant to replace 17% of its bus fleet—many of those buses being about 20 years old with, some exceeding 800K miles. “Since our founding in 2015, The Bus Coalition has been proud to advocate for over $2.4 billion in increased federal dollars for bus systems like TARC—and we look forward to extending those successes in the future with Randy’s, and all our 250+ members’ help,” continued Mr. Carpenter

For his part, Mr. Frantz echoed this enthusiasm for the work of The Bus Coalition and its national network of transit and advocacy professionals:

“We, TARC, are proud to join in The Bus Coalition’s mission of supporting funding for federal transit bus and bus facility programs. As Louisville and other cities seek to modernize and innovate our communities’ mobility solutions, I am sure deepening our relationships and support will only enhance our ability to impact workforce and economic development. Our citizens are counting on us.”

Please join The Bus Coalition in welcoming Randy Frantz
to The Bus Coalition Board of Directors!